we want to live in a world free of conventions and contrived barriers, where essential things are available to everyone
brand role
helping to use your money with ease and save time for what really matters
key message
making life simpler
our principles
  • freedom
    money is freedom, and we give you the freedom to use it
  • simplicity
    complexity means lack of care
  • minimalism
    we don't do anything unnecessary
  • connection
    helping to create and maintain connections with each other
  • care
    we aim at solving people's problems, not merely take advantage of them
  • human
    we do it for people, listening carefully to their needs
an e-wallet that allows everyone to easily solve all money-related issues and live their lives without worries and conventions
brand essence
core ideas
  • ease
    The main idea behind the m10 service is to free people from the burden of unnecessary inconveniences of handling cash. Payng for a ride, buying lunch or sending money to your mother should be as easy as snapping fingers.
  • contact
    It’s all about the subtle closeness of high-fiving or fist-bumping a friendly human. Facilitating the genuine connection is the reason why we’re so focused on reducing friction when it comes to financial transactions.
  • meaning
    The snap is a mere sound, you can’t see or touch it, yet it marks our most important moments. We use it to transcend the limitations of visual media and effortlessly depict something as elusive as insight or attention.

Leave space around the logo when placing visual elements around it.

This will ensure the maximum readability of our logo. The recommended safe area around the logo is equal to the width of the "m" module.

in the layout the minimum logo height should be around 1/10 of the shorter format side

the absolute logo height should not be under 20px
except for when it comes to the favicon, then it's 12px

the rule of thumb for coloring the logo is to use blue or white for the logo itself and white, blue or turquoise for the background

white logo on turquoise background is acceptable, but not conventional, use it only as an exception

whatever happens, do not color the logo turquoise, it is a universally bad move

use dark logo on bright background

use white logo on dark background

if you find the contrast insufficient, darken the photo

co-branding examples
extended logo
horizontal layout, when the logo is a secondary part of the composition
vertical layout, when we need to accent on the logo and make it the center of the composition
the label

the label has two lengths for use with different formats

here are the examples of a billboard and a city light with a full label

alternatively, we have a label without logo, when we need to accent on the logo and make it the center of the composition

here are the examples of a billboard and a city light with an alternative label

170 C
255 123 95
0 69 65 0
our secondary color, used for highlighting the important stuff
optimistic turquoise
2227 С
0 219 200
60 0 16 0
the primary clolor, used for the majority of our graphic elements
282 C
20 35 75
100 55 0 65
our key color, used for lineart and text, instead of black
we use Gilroy Bold for headlines and Gilroy Regular for the rest

contrast is the single most important principle of creating clean and expressive typography
Here's the illustration for the general approach to establishing visual hierarchy through formatting. The numbers are approximate.
we do not use
all caps
we do not highlight with color
we do not full justify
basic composition
Most of the time it’s the main method of composing the illustrations. That said, it is designed only for when we have plenty of space.
secondary composition
It is unreasonable to try and squeeze an icon in the composition when the space is limited. if it’s the case, use this alternative way of composing.
advanced moves
photo style
this looks made up and artificial
this looks natural and authentic
this does not look fun at all: boring composition, stiff poses and meaningless expressions
this looks fun, gives off strong youth energies
hovering dude with indefinable facial expression looks surreal and intimidating and is completely off
images of happy laughing people are the cornerstone of our visual identity
black and white dude looks grave, that does not fit us
basic composition and a smiling person: looking solid!

Images with happy people is the key component of our communication. "Basic" will be most suitable word to describe our photo style. We’ve got plenty of bright graphics and various secondary elements so that we could focus on composition, colors and resolution when it comes to choosing a suitable image.

  • regular
    these include ellipse and the rounded star, they are here for the clean look, as the pattern is easily readable
  • irregular
    these not random, as they have from 5 to 6 sides and a coherent corner radius, they are here for the utility, to account for the variety of human poses

clear shapes, bold lines and detailed motion

composing the layout
advanced moves
color proportion

Proportion is generally dominated by turquoise, 4/1 is optimal, 1/1 is acceptible if relevant. We may occasionaly use turquoise without peach. Peach should never be dominant.

we generally do not use turquoise background when depicting people
in general communocation when depicting people we only use white background
we still can use dark background as an exception when we need to account for the composition features
style application

the brandwall and it's module that can be tiled seamlessly

tote bags with an extended bottom margin to prevent the label from wearing off

the notebook with an abstract geomertical composition

turquoise t-shirt prioritizes brand visibility and is intended mainly for staff members, navy blue and white in this logic are more casual and are designed as a part of merch pack

any questions?
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