Replace cash and bankcards
With fast and safe wallet
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Replace cash and bankcards
With fast and safe wallet
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The first and tenth rides are free! Pay and receive your QR ticket directly in m10.
Open the m10 app and go to the "BakıKart Ticket" section. You can scan the QR ticket by holding it up to the reader’s camera on buses and at the turnstile camera in the metro.
  • The first and tenth rides are free for new m10 users and existing users using BakıKart in m10 for the first time.
  • Only the tenth ride is free for those purchasing between one and nine rides.
  • Users who have purchased more than ten rides will not receive a free ride.
The campaign is active until the 30th of June. During the campaign, each ride will cost 0.40 qapik, even for trips to the airport. If you do not use your ticket within 5 minutes, the blocked 0.40 qapik will be refunded within 1 minute.
Please note: Your balance must be at least 0.40 qapik to buy a QR ticket. If you have enough funds, you can purchase a QR ticket by pressing the "buy ticket" button in a few seconds.
0% commission
Send or receive money with friends from anywhere
With 0₼ commission and no surprises.
Money is transferred instantly.
To card
To m10
To card
To m10
m10 and Milliön are together
2% cashback
No need to stay in que to pay your bills on terminal. Pay online with your phone.
Pay from phone
It is quite easy. Pay without a bankcard or cash at over 10.000 points of sale. And we will add immediately 2% cashback to your m10 balance.
2% cashback
Pay from phone
It is quite easy. Pay without a bankcard or cash at over 10.000 points of sale. And we will add immediately 2% cashback to your m10 balance.
2% cashback
Tell that you want to pay by m10 and they will serve you.
Need cash?
m10 is your guard
A few simple rules how to protect your money.
What else?
Withdraw at any Kapital Bank ATM.
No more commissions for cashout!
  1. Press any button on Kapital Bank ATM
  2. Choose “QR-code”
  3. Scan this code using m10
  4. Confirm transaction and get your cash
How to register in the m10?
Very easy. It won't take more than 2 minutes!
  1. Find the m10 app in the AppStore or Google Play Market and install it on your smartphone.
  2. Submit your phone number for quick registration.
That's it. You are ready to use your m10.
Where can I pay with m10?
Over 10,000 points of sale support m10 payments. You can find the list of our partners in the mobile app.
When you pay using your m10 balance, we'll refund 2% back to it.

How can I earn in m10?
You will always earn with m10.
When you pay bills for utility, internet, phone, mobile balance, etc., we will refund 2% to your balance in m10 immediately.
For QR-code payments in stores, we will refund you 2%.

You can also invite your friends to use m10 and earn additional bonuses together.

And, we like to please our users with various activities and provide presents.
Do you have a limit or commission?
NO limits and NO commissions. You can make any operation, and will be commission-free from our side. Absolutely.
How to create payment template?
We have already done this for you. Now your frequent payments are automatically added to the "My payments" section. You can rename and delete them with ease.
Is it true that money is being stolen from m10?
You can completely trust m10. We apply the latest security technologies to save your money 24/7. Unfortunately, some m10 users have encountered scammers. To protect your money, remember these key rules: do NOT SHARE, TELL, SEND, SHOW
  • number of your bankcard
  • CVV code of your bankcard
  • OTP code (sent via SMS)

By following these simple steps, you can help prevent theft and keep your funds secure.
How to change the number in m10?
Unfortunately, we are not able to change the number, so far. But you can register from another number and use multiple accounts.
Why I was charged when sent money to bankcard?
We have no commission in m10.
But some banks may charge a very little commission fee for transferring money to bankcards. For more details, please contact the bank.
Invite friends
1. Send a link to your friend or let your friend submit a promo code during registration.
2. When your invited friend makes 2 QR payments (total 5₼ per each).
3. You earn 2₼ from each of their payment.
We are always at your service!
We enjoy communication and ready to answer all your questions and queries.