m10 is your guard
Your money is safe with us
Download the m10 app
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What scammers do
We provide promo in the app and don't request minimum balance
Promise you money and gifts on website
adding like “loto-”, “money-”, etc. to the titles
They give their website out to be m10
And use it to get access to your e-wallet
Ask the code from SMS
If you have been deceived
Is my money safe with m10?
Absolutely! m10 is your guard. Your money is well-protected with m10. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure the security of your m10 e-wallet.
Is it true that money is being stolen from m10?
You can completely trust m10. We apply the latest security technologies to save your money 24/7. Unfortunately, some m10 users have encountered scammers. To protect your money, remember these key rules: do NOT SHARE, TELL, SEND, SHOW
- number of your bank card
- CVV code of your bank card
- OTP code (sent via SMS)

By following these simple steps, you can help prevent theft and keep your funds secure.
Can an employee of m10 call me?
Rest assured, m10 employees always use official and trusted means of communication, such as corporate email or the short number 0124044114. They will never ask for sensitive information like your bank card number, CVV code, or OTP for any transactions.
If someone contacts you claiming to be from PashaPay or m10 and requests this information, stay vigilant. They may not be associated with our company. PashaPay is not responsible if you share your information with third parties and experience theft of your e-wallet or account.
My money was stolen from m10. What should I do?
Your safety is our priority. If you suspect any issues, please take the following steps:
· Block the m10 app – Call *8810 and contact our Call Center.
· Call immediately - Reach out to the hotline at 102 or contact the General Directorate for Combating Cybercrime.
· Save important data - that could assist us in investigating the issue.

We're here to support you every step of the way in case of any concerns or incidents.
Tell us what happened!
The website, screenshots of fake accounts or correspondence will help us figure it out
Found scammer?
We are always at your service!
We enjoy communication and ready to answer all your questions and queries!